One day… one day…

I really do want to make a YouTube channel to document my life, my experiences, my struggles (because we all have them, just in different shapes and sizes), my ideas (however bright or dim) and anything that I do which inspires me, entertains me, excites me etc.

I’m aware of how popular YouTube is becoming, and how ‘easy’ it is for someone to film something and put it out there. The likes. The thumbs up and thumbs down. The comments section. The little counter on which so many lives depend for their happiness and well-being (I’m talking about you, subscription counter). It is so overwhelming to me, and when I consider making a YouTube video, I think about all the other people who have had the same idea as me, and I doubt that there is any place for me on YouTube.

But I think that there is (well, at least now I do)

See, there may be millions of ‘perspective’ videos out there, but there is no ‘perspective’ videos that come from Olivia Nyoni (yet). I am an individual who has experienced  different things from anyone else. Therefore, nobody has “taken” my place. I am different, thus not included in the stories and identities of those up on YouTube already.

I don’t want fame.

I don’t want money.

I just want to grow a community where I can flourish and my community can to, through the medium of YouTube:)

And if I had this, I would be really happy.

So, (even though this is not a post)- this is why there is no YouTube link yet. I will get there. Just not right now.

(now please go back and enjoy something today:))