Update from the most interesting and mentally stimulating place on planet Earth rn

Hello Internet!

It is 4:20 am on a Monday morning and I am still buzzing from the coffee that I consumed on Sunday evening, so I figured that this is the perfect time to write a piece for my beloved-but recently abandoned blog.

Yes… I am so sorry.

Today marks the start of week 3 of the trimester of my University, so hectic is definitely an understatement. I love it though, so I am not here to moan and complain. I am here to do the complete opposite, actually.


I really want to yell this off a tall building for everyone to hear, but my Mum and Dad would be mad, so I will just tell you guys here. So far, I have found my units that I am studying to be intellectually stimulating and for the first time ever, I have developed a love for what I am learning. When I was at school, I didn’t feel this way, as school students are required to take a smorgasbord of subjects, some of which are frankly boring af.

Here is a rundown of the subject units that I am taking this trimester:

AIP 107 – Introduction to Politics

ALR 103 – Introduction to Public Relations

ALJ 111 – News Reporting 1

ACC 100 – Communication in Everyday Life

I have a draft essay due in a week in my Introduction to Politics class. A myriad of questions were presented to us, with one to be selected and written about. I was going back and forth between two questions, but I soon selected one which I found to be ‘difficult and controversial’, both of which make for good writing.

‘Compare Australia’s asylum seeker policies with one or two other Western nations, using human rights norms’. – This shall be interesting and eye-opening to both research and write about!

Ok, now the effects of this supercoffee are kinda staring to wear off (don’t drink coffee before bed kids), and I am slowly drifting off into micro-sleep…

If anyone is reading this page, my blog, anything that pertains to myself, umm, hey, thank you for doing so if you are! (I have the feeling that no one is going to read this, but we can only hope…).

I shall keep you updated on my life more regularly, as I really love the idea of writing to people on the world wide web. (the sleep kick is serious now, I still love you, reader).





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