When plans need to change

Hello Internet,

Let’s get right to the punch (is this a saying??- I have an inkling that is, so let’s go with it). My plans for university changed a little…

Am I still going to university? Yes.

Do I still feel passionate about my university degree and the major that I am doing? Yes

Am I moving to the state that my university is in to attend the university? No.


I have changed my mode of university study, but not the university itself. I felt a little deflated when considering it. I really wanted to be at my university for O Week (Orientation Week) and experience my whole ‘first day of campus life’. I felt that I would miss out on all of the best things that a university has to offer in it’s first trimester, so I sat on that thought and pondered until I had an epiphany. (P.S. – before I tell you about this epiphany I had, I just wanted to add here that I am only completing ‘cloud’ study for one trimester- I do plan to study on campus for trimester two).

My epiphany was that it was up to me to make this college experience as great as it could possibly be (because I wanted it to be great). I felt that the way you universize (not a word, I know, but it encompasses what I am attempting to say) depends on what I choose to do, and not necessarily where I am at any given period of time.

Coming to this conclusion really made me happy with the decision I made to stay at home for this trimester. I had to do so due to family reasons. I have always been appreciative of my family, and I would choose them over anything else. Everyone goes through tough times, and this is mine. I am still studying at university, and I will be with my family, so I consider this to be a win-win for me. Things really do end up sorting themselves out at the end of the day, don’t they?

OK internet, this is my 2 cents, my contribution to the world-wide-web for now. I shall be back here when I feel inspired to write more.




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