Why I am about to explode when I think about !university!

Hello Citizen of this Earth!

I am writing to you today in a place of happiness (my main emotion is happiness, just wanna let you know that this is not a rare occurrence:)), because I am starting university in 8 days, and “I’M SO EXCITED” is a vast understatement.

I am about to explode. Not literally, but in a metaphorical sense, from the sheer excitement I feel, which I feel necessarily needs to be shared in a blog post. I am excited because I get to study what I am actually interested in studying (I’m embarking upon a Bachelor of Communications degree, majoring in Journalism btw), I get to see my best friends who I have not seen in 2-3 years (yes yes, it has been a long minute), and I am going to be independent for the first time ever in my life, which means that I am going to be responsible for things which I once didn’t even consider were THAT important/didn’t think about at all (like a tax file number, yes, please don’t judge me for that).

SDFHBIERSFHIERUFHFU is how my brain is working at the minute. Whenever I think about uni or anything associated with uni, my brain goes into complete shutdown (see start of paragraph for example). Last week, I received a planner and calendar in the mail from my university. When I saw the orange and red coloured planner lying hopelessly uncomfortable in my apartment mail box, I closed my eyes, scrunched up in a ball on the ground and made a sound of an excited gerbil (yes, an excited gerbil). This lasted for 4 seconds, to which I then quickly grabbed my mail, got up off of the ground and ran back up the stairs and into my apartment before anyone saw me.

Surprisingly, I’m not emotional at the fact that I will be leaving my family to go to uni. Please don’t get me wrong- I do love my family, but I have spent almost 5 years at boarding school, so the idea of me being away from my family doesn’t scare me anymore. When I was younger, I had the WORST separation anxiety (and no, I have not been clinically diagnosed with anxiety, I am just describing what I was feeling at the time) regarding my family. I would cry for ages, and I couldn’t think of anything but the fact that my Mum, Dad and brother were not with me. Since I did everything fun with my family, I couldn’t accept that I could have fun and be happy without them. Let many, many years pass, then you have me; Olivia 2.0- better than ever before. She has become more knowledgeable, fair, kind, understanding and honest over the years, and will hopefully continue to be a better person for the future.

So, amazing person reading this right now; please be brave, fearless and don’t five a -flying frog-cake about others who don’t matter (how is this relevant to what I was just talking about????) Please be excited about the future. Who knows, this blog could become something REGULAR (regular, whatever do you mean Liv??) or… wait for it…POPULAR enough so that tens of people are reading this and relating to the everyday struggles of the homo sapiens who, a lot of the time, don’t know that their own struggles are felt by others around the globe. I really want to talk more, but I shall stop here and assist my mum with the washing (because ADULT).

I wish you good luck in whatever endeavour you are chasing right now, and I wish you the best of days!

Talk to you later,



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