Going into university

Hello Fellow Reader,

It is 17 days until my first day of university. I am very excited. Every time I tell someone that I am going to university, their reaction sound like “Oh wow! Congratulations! Trust me, you will love university. I had such a great time there.” I have the feeling that university will be refreshing and something new that I have never in my life experienced, which to me is exciting.

On the other hand, I am terrified. I wonder whether I will be able to make friends as easily as I did in high school. I consider myself to be an introverted extrovert. I am happy, bubbly and confident around people I know, but am so shy, quiet and painfully insecure around people I don’t know (until I get to know them better, that is).

So in reality, I am both excited and terrified at the prospect of entering university. It is an institution for higher learning in which I hope to grow and prosper as an individual. I hope that I am able to make friends with people who not only share the same interests as me, but different interests also, just because the prospect of meeting someone who has different preferences than me makes life that more interesting and enjoyable.

So, Fellow Reader, or another name that you so much as like to be called, here is to the confusing and doubtful nature of many incoming university students. Here is to all incoming university students (or continuing university students, heyyy) being able to find their way through life, which is constantly confusing, despite some people making it look easy. Here is to the book worms, the sports men and women, the club-lover and everyone else who are strong individuals in the making; the bold and the beautiful.





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